How do you execute a gun trust

How do you execute your gun trust?

We have a lot of clients ask, “How do I initiate my gun trust after receiving it from you?” In other words, how do I put the trust into effect? This procedure is called executing the trust. A gun trust becomes valid only after it is properly executed.

In order to execute your NFA Lawyers gun trust, you must perform the following steps:

  • 1. Print out the entire trust you received from us by email
  • 2. Take the trust to a notary. Notaries are persons authorized by law to take oaths. You may find notaries at a local UPS Store, FedEx Kinkos, bank, or courthouse. Many offices have a secretary on staff that is a notary.
  • 3. You and two witnesses sign the gun trust in front of the notary. The two witnesses may be any two persons the age of majority, who are not beneficiaries of the trust. For example, witnesses may be two friends or two complete strangers, such as two people at the UPS Store.

Co-trustees and beneficiaries do not need to sign your gun trust.

4. Your gun trust is now valid, similar to a contract or a will. You do not need to register the trust. NFA Lawyers does not need a copy of your executed trust. Simply store your trust in a safe place and make copies.

Silent Shooting,
Dean Phillips

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