41F Update For All NFA Lawyers Clients

Since July 13, 2016, the ATF requires fingerprints, pictures, and a law enforcement notification for all NFA applications. Only you, the creator (settlor) of the trust, must comply with these requirements if you follow the instructions below. The amendment and instructions below apply only to trusts drafted by NFA Lawyers, LLC.

– Download and complete this amendment: 41F Amendment. Sign and Date it. Place it as the last page of the trust.

– Get fingerprinted at your local gun shop or detention center. You will need 2 fingerprint cards.

– Obtain passport pictures from your local gun shop or drug store. You will need two passport-sized photos.

– Take the following to your dealer when you purchase an NFA weapon:

1) A copy of your entire signed and notarized Gun Trust with the Assignment of Property (to be filled out with the serial number of the weapon you are purchasing at the dealer)
2) A copy of the 41F amendment you completed, placed at the back of the trust
3) Two Fingerprint Cards
4) Two Passport-sized Photos

– Your dealer will help you fill out any forms. Most dealers also mail any forms for you.

Once you have your approved tax stamp in hand, you can shred this amendment and your co-trustees are back on your trust and may possess all NFA weapons in the trust.

If submitting a Form 1 or Form 4 without a dealer, you must mail all of the above requirements to the ATF. A Form 5320.23 (it will say CLEO copy on the bottom) with your photo attached and a copy of the Form 1 or Form 4 (it will say CLEO copy on the bottom) must also be mailed to your local chief law enforcement officer (CLEO) along with your photo. This person is your local sheriff or constable. Regular mail is perfectly acceptable.

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