Should you put all of your firearms in a gun trust?

It is a great idea to put all of your firearms into a gun trust, not just NFA weapons. The reasons being as follows. First, trust property does not go through probate court.
What does this mean?

Whenever you pass away, whether with or without a will, your estate must be probated. This means an executor accumulates your assets, pays off any liabilities or debt, and disburses the remainder to your beneficiaries. Your county probate court manages this process.

Any firearms not in your gun trust goes through the probate process. The firearms may therefore become public record. Furthermore, it is easier to challenge the distribution of probate property than it is to challenge property in a trust. A NFAlawyers gun trust specifically defines to whom each and every firearm goes to upon your death. There is nearly no way to attack a trust with such specificity.

Secondly, a gun trust is an excellent estate planning tool. A NFAlawyers trust allows you to specifically devise every firearm, should you choose to do so. For example: You can give your 45 suppressor to your son, your SIG P226 to your daughter, your Les Baer Concept II to your wife, and so on.

Most gun trusts do not provide such flexibility. A gun trust without such a provision might lead to all of your beneficiaries fighting over trust property. It is further unwise to list firearms in your will. You do not have to pay an attorney $1,500 to draft a will including all of your firearms. Even if you did, your firearm collection is fluid. You would have to pay the attorney to constantly make revisions. These issues are not a concern with a NFAlawyers trust.


– /s/Dean Phillips

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