Gun Ownership declined at supreme court

Supreme Court Declines Key Gun Ownership Case

By a 5-3 vote, the Justices reversed course and dismissed the biggest gun rights case since D.C. v. Heller on the grounds that it was moot. New York City had passed an ordinance restricting a gun owner’s ability to transport firearms to a shooting range or second residence which was beyond the city limits. When […]

Gun Control debate

Five People Who Shaped the Modern Gun Control Debate

Ever since Spanish Conquistadors appeared and essentially subdued a continent with a handful of men and a few terrifying new weapons, personal firearms has been a controversial part of American history. Revolutionary War Minutemen helped shape the Second Amendment, and roughly a hundred and fifty years later, a rogue’s gallery of men helped shape modern […]

Bump Stock Ban

Supreme Court Deals Setback to Bump Stock Challenge

In March 2019, the United States Supreme Court twice refused to block President Donald Trump’s bump stock reclassification. This move came in the wake of the 2017 Las Vegas mass shooting. The evildoer responsible allegedly used a bump stock, which basically makes it easier to fire a semi-automatic rifle. The Gun Owners of America and […]

Gun Control and Gun Trust Update

Mostly because of the partial government shutdown, the holiday hangover lasted a bit longer this year. But now that it is mid-January, things are coming back to life in Washington. The euphemistically-named “funding lapse” has had a bit of a ripple effect as well. Many other public and private entities took a little longer to […]

Gun Trusts in Light of the Latest Federal Court Restrictions on Gun Rights

The gradual erosion of firearms possession rights continued in recent decisions from two of the highest courts in the country. In Gould v. Morgan, the First Circuit Unanimously upheld Massachusetts’ extremely strict gun control law. This law restricts street possession to individuals who have a “good reason” to feel threatened. That usually means a specific […]

41P and Gun trust

Form 1 E-filing is Back!

After more than a two-year wait, the ATF has finally restored the use of the Form 1 for electronic submission.This development has raised the hopes of all manufacturing enthusiasts that some much-needed efficiency will start to improve processing times for tax stamps. It has been a long slog for the last two years, with wait […]